NEUFO Winter School: Electro-mechanics for experimental research

Date: 23 -28.3.2020

Organizers: Sebastien Pellat, Raphaël Thurnherr, Prof. Daniel Huber
Department of Basic Neurosciences, University of Geneva

Target audience (max. 10): PhD students of the lemanic neuroscience program, postdocs.

Crédits ECTS: 3

Requirements: Fluent in French, highly motivated, willing to actively participate the entire week (including evenings)

Mechanical design and fabrication as well as the basic knowledge of electronic circuit design remain key prerequisites for innovative experiments in biological research. This Winter School will teach students hands-on how to plan, machine or print basic mechanical designs and to understand simple electronic circuits in the research context. Theoretical courses are taught in the morning, followed by demonstrations and practical use of specific tools in the afternoon. During the evenings the students will work on their personal projects or discuss more technical aspects with the teachers. Practical aspects related to personal safety will be emphasized and reinforced for every tool or topic. Combining classical machining, 3D printing, soldering of electronics with Arduino based programming, each student will design and assemble an electronic stimulus controller, which can customized for different experimental settings.